Surnames in the eighteenth century

This electronic-alphabetic version of the surnames has been compiled from the following two historical works and genealogical sources: 1.”Description of the Vanguard Flag of the Sabarathashvilo and Armenia”, which by order of king Vakhtang VI was written in 1721 by well-known historian Vakhushti Batonishvili and Secretary Givi Thumanishvili; 2. “Description of the Aragvi Gorge, 1774”, which was compiled by order of king Erekle II by Luarsab Maqhashvili, Manuchar Thumanishvili and Secretary Gorjasti’s son. The above-mentioned works in 1907 was edited by well-known Georgian historian Eqvthime Thaqhaishvili that entitled the book as “Materials of Georgia’s statistical census in the eighteenth century”. On our website we refer to the pages of this book, however we quote the abbreviated titles of the original historic sources as follows: [Description of 1721] and [Description of the Aragvi Gorge, 1774].