A note of transliteration
Georgian language sources are transliterated in accordance with the system, which is set out below:

ა- a, ბ- b, გ - g, დ - d, ე - e, ვ - v, ზ - z, თ - th, ი - I, კ - k, ლ - l, მ - m, ნ - n, ო - o, პ - p, ჟ - zh, რ - r, ს - s, ტ - t, უ - u, ფ - ph, ქ - q, ღ - gh, ყ - qh, შ - sh, ჩ - ch, ც - ts, ძ - dz, წ - ds, ჭ - tch, ხ - kh, ჯ - j, ჰ - h.

Note from translator: the original Georgian texts about history of Georgian names are written in old Georgian style, some sentences are imperfect or incomplete, some historic facts, events, even the names in the texts are erroneous, etc. In order to keep in the translation all the "historic spirit" and because of we hadn`t the right to change its content and substance, we made the direct version of the texts. Also, there are our notes in inverted commas [].