Surnames in Samtskhe-Javaxethi and Kola, Artaani, Tao, Borjomi Gorge

“The Great Book of Gurjistan’s Region” which was edited and translated from Turkish manuscript (dated by 1595) into Georgian by well-known Georgian orientalist and scholar Sergi Jiqia is an important and valuable source for Georgian genealogical studies. The source consist the following Georgian provinces which were annexed by Ottoman Empire in that period: Samtskhe, Javaxethi, Kola, Artaani (Mtkvari gorge), Tao (Tchorokhi gorge) and present Borjomi gorge to the village Qvishkhethi. Therefore, we prepared their electronic-alphabetic version, where one can find out many Georgian surnames.

Also, this reference includes information of Georgia’s Central Electoral Committee of the 2008 year.